Move Day

Your personal move advocate will be contacting you on the day of loading and delivery to answer any questions you have and ensure everything is going smoothly.

Are they here yet?

Make sure you are on hand when the movers arrive. It's important to have an adult be authorized to take your place if you are unable to be present at any time while the movers are there. Let the agent know to whom you have given this authority.

Prepare your pets!

Confine your pets to an out-of-the-way room.  There will be a lot of activity and doors left open when the movers arrive, and they'll be safer (and less agitated) away from the hustle-and-bustle.

They’ve arrived!!!

Once the van operator arrives, review all details and paperwork. Accompany the driver as he or she inspects and tags each piece of furniture with an identifying number. These numbers, along with a detailed description of your goods and their condition at the time of loading, will appear on the inventory.

Spend time with the movers!

Always try to spend as much time with the mover as possible. If you have special instructions make sure it is explained to your mover. Communicate well with the movers.

Last to Pack!

Make sure a clean set of bedding goes into a "Load Last" box, as well as towels, utensils and a few plates and glassware.  You'll want to have easy access to these necessities your first night in your home.

Also, since you'll probably want to clean before the furniture is unloaded, make sure your vacuum, papertowels, sponges, and other non-toxic cleaning supplier are packed last, so they can be unloaded first.

Is that everything?

It is your responsibility to see that all of your goods are loaded, so remain on the premises until loading is completed. To ensure that nothing gets left behind always do a final inspection of the premises. Do not sign any releases without completing this inspection.

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