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Jan Mascheri has been a personal Moving Coach for the Move Advocate for over 17 years. She has helped thousands of people and their families move.

Here is a glimpse into her years of experience as a moving coach: "I've read so many articles that retell the horror stories of moves, but I rarely see articles that present success stories. Good things are happening-why can't we present more of it? I try to make the customer feel that their goods are secure and within grasp, even when drivers can only move 450 miles a day. I make the customer feel in control even when the van line documents are full of intimidating verbiage, such as "Booking" or "PBO documents." And even though moving household goods is the largest expense in a state-to-state move, I guarantee customers the lowest price by giving them a choice between several van line estimates. At The Move Advocate, we don't have any exclusive partnerships. Instead, we utilize a network of skilled providers to give the individual freedom of choice. And essentially, my job is to be proactive, not reactive. I rate my success on whether the customer feels confident and comfortable with how the move is going."

That is some good coaching! Contact the Move Advocate today to find out how Jan can help you with your move.


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